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Don't waste your time with these guys, folks. After bending over backwards to try to help these guys as a vendor cover out of town properties, they canned me over one property 3 hours outside our coverage area they wanted me work for them even though I clearly communicated I could not. These guys have no published vendor price sheet and want to pay you $7 for an inspection. What a joke! I am lucky enough to have made it out of this company's... Read more

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If you do business with AIM YOUR WAY you are THROWING YOUR MONEY THEIR WAY!!! So RUN THE OTHER WAY from AIM YOUR WAY!! They will simply put.... RIP YOU OFF! They do not pay you for the work that you do! Pass it on!!!

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I own several units in college towns throughout the Midwest. Often it is impossible for me to travel to every location when something needs to be attended to. I have used AYW several times to find the representatives I needed to be on hand when I couldn't be. Their online services make it easier for me to schedule and track the progress of our annual property inspections, routine maintenance and to remedy any compliance issues that have... Read more

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I am in the process of trying to do a modification and this fat sloppy guy knocks at my door no card no id nothing saying my mortgage comp sent him yet he had nothing told me to give him some paper and he would write a contact number for the call. This unprofessional was the rudest and yet I am still going thru this modification which is probably stacked or trashed at someone's desk at ***'s Fargo. Today I have a notice TAPED to my front door... Read more

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What happens when you get fired by safeguard for being relatively good at your job ( incompetent )? You go to work for Aim Your Way, Texas and manage your accounts ( screw the vendors and over bill your clients). I wonder why they were just FIRED in four states by Freddie Mac. Aim your way is a total cluster *uck mess. They have a few lower level employees that work hard but the owners are noticing absent, and the vendor managers , Hi Chet,... Read more

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Complete RIP OFF ARTIST. DECREPID Company. Owed us over 600 dollars. Always seeking to rip their vindors off. Hi turn over rate of employees because they know they are forced to rip off the vendors. Read more

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If you are approached by AIM YOUR WAY, LLC, Allen, TX, Run Away. They are full of false promises and do not pay what they promised. They have no voice mail. They hardly ever answer the phone. They are not honest with their e-mails either. Here is the story. The hired me to do an initial inspection on two properties in New Hampshire. Both were at least 25 miles one way from my home. This INITIAL means at least 10 photos at the site, filling out... Read more

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I've submitted all the correct paperwork and invoices required to get paid and Aim still refuses to pay me. The are complete scams. They will lie and tell you that your payment is scheduled to sent out but will never send it. Read more

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I worked for Aim for about 6 weeks and at first enjoyed it. The last 2 days that I was there Jeannie Martin was suppose to train me to be an assigner. She was too busy talking to other employees and reading a book on her phone to train me. They let me go for some *** reason. They did bring me back because Fred wanted me to come back. When I did come back I had no training or anything. They just told me to do the work. I worked there... Read more

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Im a former employee, worked there for about 6 months, this company is extremely unprofessional and unorganized, the turn over rate is high and they are always hiring new employees without training them properly, quality is over looked and I felt sorry for the vendors who did the work but never got paid because an employee made a mistake...Not only does this company not care about the vendors, they don't care about their employees. I would not... Read more

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